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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sidewalks and Lawsuits

Click here to read the latest story on how the City of LA is being sued because of sidewalks needing repairs.

Last night at the State of the 5th, we discussed our sidewalks and the fact that we the most in the 5th District and the most needing repairs. Since 2006 I have brought a number of efficiencies to sidewalk repair which has resulted in a 30% savings for the city and 30% more sidewalks being fixed. But the inventory is overwhelming.

We are working on posting a complete list of what has been repaired since I took office and what is scheduled to be repaired this year as well as the total amount of funds that have been spent on sidewalks.

I have brought in sidewalk saw cutting which reduces the costs to repair a sidewalk greatly. We also have a sidewalk rebate program which allows you to get your sidewalk repaired right away from a local contractor and the city will pay up to $500 as a rebate. This is especially helpful when you are doing other repairs on your home and want to include sidewalk repair off schedule from when the city can do it.

A reminder: sidewalks are not repaired individually by the city. We group them together by neighborhood so that the contractor can efficiently complete an entire area instead of individual sidewalks and driveway aprons.

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