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Monday, April 23, 2012

Schipske Angry that Sheriffs Claim LB Never Asked for Estimate on Prisoner Transport

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 Remember the story about a tunnel needed between the LB Police Department and the new courthouse? And how the City didn't get it into the original design and how when I asked why we couldn't have the LA County Sheriffs department just come and pick up the prisoners as they do for other cities I was told it was too expensive??

Ok. So when I asked to see a copy of the LA County Sheriff's estimate of what they would charge to transport City of Long Beach jail inmates across the street to the new courthouse -- I wasn't given it.
But trust us Councilwoman Schipske, said City Management -- the Sheriff says it would cost a lot -- and so it would be cheaper for us to spend $5 million and build an underground tunnel.

The worse part was the the city Council was even given a written memo outlining supposed estimates by the LA Sheriff for transporting prisoners across to the new courthouse.

So when the reporter from the LB Business Journal called me and asked if I had seen a copy of the estimate, I said "NO" and suggested she call the LA County Sheriff herself to see what they would give her.

Wow. Not only do they not have a written estimate. The spokesperson states no one from LB ever asked for one.

So where did all the figures come from that were placed into a memo from City Management to the City Council??See link below to article.

Long Beach Police Tunnel: Starting Over On Cost Estimate
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