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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Almost there...budget cuts on the mend

Thanks to all residents who attended my community budget meeting, went on line and made their opinions known, circulated petitions and came to City Council -- you did it. We are almost there in restoring the severe cuts to the City budget that you demanded be restored.

Tonight, the City Manager provided City Council with a listing of proposed restoration of cuts particularly to Parks and Recreation and Libraries. Apparently somebody is agreeing with my assessment that the amount of revenue from Uplands Oil will be much higher than projected and it can be used to restore some of the cuts. Other funds were found by shifting revenues.

We have more work to do because the Park Ranger program is slated to be eliminated entirely. Also we need to restore funding to the police and fire departments -- because those cuts are severe and will impact public safety greatly.

Keep the pressure up on City Council by emailing and letting us know what you think. It was a great turn out tonight...they listened but we have more work to do.

Please log onto to give me your opinions on the proposed budget cuts.

Thank you.
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