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Monday, August 13, 2012

Response Times for Emergency Medical Services Increased with Budget Cuts

First as background -- let me tell you that before I became a Registered Nurse Practitioner I trained as an Emergency Medical Tech (EMT) and did my ride alongs with Fire Station 1 in downtown Long Beach. So I know a little more than the average elected about paramedics and the national response times that have been set as the standard.

Please see the following documents that were provided in response to my request at City Council that we be given data about the response times for emergency medical services -- paramedics. As you will note, as I was concerned, the data shows that response times have increased with recent budget cuts -- rolling brown outs of fire stations.

This is a serious report because there are now more proposals on the table to reduce fire services even more and possible close Station 18 which is at Palo Verde and Wardlow.

We cannot jeopardize the safety of our residents who call  9-1-1 and expect a response in keeping with national standards.

Complete breakdown of response times by Fire Station:
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Save Station 18

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