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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Schipske Asks for Report on Odor

Oil island
Oil island (Photo credit: theqspeaks)

Well, they did it again. Someone or something let off a smell last week that fluctuates between rotten eggs and burning oil. No one quite explains who really is doing it and why. But it seems to happen frequently when it just rains or is overcast and I can smell it at Studebaker and Spring.

So I am asking for an official report from city management on what this is and who is doing it and whether or not it is harmful.

Here's my agenda item:

Periodically, especially when it is overcast or has just rained, there will be a strong, noxious odor with a smell that is described as natural gas, rotten egg or oil burning. When residents on the east side of Long Beach call 9-1-1 they are told a number of things concerning the source of the odor: “It’s AES burning off oil; it’s the oil operations at the oil islands burning off oil or it’s an oil tanker burning off its fuel in the harbor.”

It would be helpful if: a) the source of the smell could be confirmed; b) an assessment could be done to determine if the odor is harmful and 3) the reverse 9-1-1 be used whenever the odor occurs to alert residents that it is not harmful.


By motion of the City Council, request a report from the Fire Department, Gas and Oil Properties and the AQMD regarding the source of this odor and confirmation that the odor is not harmful. Additionally, request that the reverse 9-1-1 system be used to alert residents on the eastside of the City whenever the odor occurs.

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