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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Schipske to Propose Shifting Consultant Money to Hiring Police -- Appoint a Citizen Blue Ribbon Panel to Serve as Consultants

Long Beach Police Department (California)
Long Beach Police Department (California) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Schipske to Propose Using the $500,000 Approved by Council for Consultants to Restore Cuts in            Police Services– Says Mayor Should Appoint a Citizen Blue Ribbon Panel to Serve as Consultants to City Management

December 8, 2012
Long Beach, CA – Just one week after the City Council on a 5-4 vote approved spending up to $500,000 to retain Management Partners, a Cincinnati, Ohio based consulting group to advise on governmental reform, Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske announced that she will make a motion during Council on Tuesday to redirect the $500,000 to the Police department in order to “restore some of the cuts that were made to the department this budget cycle.”

“Every area of the City of Long Beach is experiencing a severe increase in crime,” says Schipske who placed an item on this coming Tuesday Council agenda, asking for an update on police response times. 

“I placed the item concerning the Police response times because of the numerous complaints I received from residents who are concerned about the increases in crime. My constituents are having their homes and cars broken into constantly and are being told that due to budget cuts there are not enough police. I don’t know how anyone on the council can tell our residents that we need consultants when we don’t have enough police.”

Schipske also will propose that instead of hiring out of town consultants to review the City of Long Beach, that the Mayor should appoint a “Blue Ribbon Citizen Panel” and let them advise on how to improve City management. 

“This City has 450,000 people and among them are many talented people who know a thing or two about how to make organizations run better. Many of those people actually work for the City of Long Beach or are in the private sector that does business with the City. We also have expert faculty at our major university and community college so I am confident we can fill a ‘Blue Ribbon Citizen Panel’ quickly and without spending $500,000.”

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