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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Clean Water Parcel Tax Process "Under handed" Says LA County Supervisor

Tonight I voted against a proposal for the City Council to support a LA County proposed parcel tax on every property in the City because the process is wrong. As LA County Supervisor Don Knabe describes it as "under handed" -- 1.1 million property owners are being forced to mail in protests if they don't want the tax. Normally on a tax it is required a 2/3 for approval not a 50+1 which is being proposed.

Also our own City staff just pointed out in a memo on December 27th that the specifics of how the tax money will be spent has not been detailed. Which means we aren't even certain how this money will be spent if the taxpayers  are burdened with the parcel tax. And, there are no limits on how long this tax will be in place.

The LA County Board of Supervisors is holding a  hearing on January 15th to hear protests. The City of Long Beach needs to wait before we jump to support a parcel tax at this point. Let's insist any tax go on a ballot with specific guidelines how the money will be spent.

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