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Sunday, February 10, 2013

ABC Announces “Splash” – “Diving with the Stars” Starting in March...Was Going to be at Long Beach Belmont Pool and then...

I met with the producers of this show who happen to be 5th district constituents several months ago and urged the City Manager to do whatever to get this "diving with the stars" show booked at Belmont Pool. 

There would not only be fees paid for its use, but the producers and I talked about how the City wanted to be the "Aquatics Capital of the World" and any publicity and donation of funds would be most appreciated. 

I even connected them with Pat McCormick because I encouraged a local connection. 

Then this month, whack. I get the news the City is closing down the pool. 

So we lost out on a fantastic opportunity. What bad timing.

Celebrities on 'Splash': ABC announces celebrity divers set to hit pool in 'Splash'
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