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Saturday, March 23, 2013

We Can Do Better on City Contracting Process

Cover of Purchasing magazine
Cover of Purchasing magazine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The City's current system about disclosure of the bidding process and who is contracting with the City needs improving. This is especially important as the City Council approved the City Manager's contracting authority up to $250,000.

If you click on the following you can view for what the City is currently requesting bids.

To get there you need to wade through the City website and find Department of Financial Management and then to Purchasing. It's not easy.

We need to make this process more transparent and accessible. 

We also need to give a preference to Long Beach based businesses who provide professional services. A preference is available for businesses that provide materials, but for advertising agencies and other professional services many, if not all contracts go outside Long Beach.

Finally, once a contract is awarded, we should list them on line so everyone can see. 

Our current system is again not open and transparent. You need to 1) know where to find it (Not in Financial Managerment -- but the City Clerk for this one)
( 2) you can find a contract but you need to know specific information.

We need a visible listing by subject matter on the City website so that residents can quickly review all the contracts without having to play a hunting game.

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