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Monday, May 13, 2013

BSNF Offers Package of Mitigation Efforts on SCIG Project -- We Need a Public Discussion at Council

English: Four BSNF units (a GE C44-9W is leadi...
English: Four BSNF units (a GE C44-9W is leading) with a double-stack train descending Tehachapi Pass, between Caliente and Bakersfield, CA. Deutsch: Vier BNSF-Loks (eine GE C44-9W voraus) mit einem "Double-Stack"-Containerzug fahren den Tehachapi Pass hinunter, zwischen Caliente und Bakersfield, Kalifornien. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The following was sent to all Council members about BSNF Rail Company's proposals to attempt to mitigate the impact of their proposed rail yard project which will sit adjacent to the residents of west Long Beach, who are already greatly impacted by pollution and noise.

The package appears promising, however, it needs to be placed on a public Council agenda so that the Council can discuss in the open each of the proposals and vote on each. This will also give the public a chance to talk on the issue.

All of this is too important to the quality of life of our residents to have it done behind closed doors and without the public being able to weigh in.

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