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Monday, June 24, 2013

Why There Are No Fireworks at Vets Stadium Since 2011

Why There Are No Fireworks 
at Vets Stadium
Long Beach Firefighters Memorial Association
 Cancelled Show in 2011
Just a reminder, there will be no fireworks at Vet's Stadium again this year. The LB Firefighters Memorial Association -- which for 54 years presented July 4th fireworks at ELB's Veterans Stadium (Clark Ave. @ Conant St.) cancelled the show in 2011 because they fell short of fundraising goals which was caused by a combination of the economic downturn and many people choosing to watch from neighborhoods instead of paying.

They have moved their fireworks show to Alamitos Bay Yacht Club. See
The cost for adults for dinner is $30 and $10 for children.

The City of Long Beach does not fund fireworks shows. On the eastside, you can see fireworks from Lakewood. If downtown you can see fireworks off the Queen Mary and probably still have a view of the Alamitos Bay fireworks.

Maybe next year, the public can help raise money to restore a fireworks show at Vets Stadium.

Save Station 18

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