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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Right Up Your Alley..

Shaping Up the Fifth Summer Alley Clean Up: Volunteers Have Tackled Three Alleyways in First Two Weeks of Project
Alley Between Palo Verde-Conquista Before     Alley between Palo Verde-Conquista_After 

 Before and After photos of alley between Palos Verde and Conquista above.
In the first two weeks of the Shaping up the Fifth Alley Cleanup, volunteers have tackled seven blocks of alley in three locations in the Fifth District. Volunteers working under the supervision of Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske's Office, have raked and swept up dead vegetation, removed weeds and overgrowth, inspected for potholes, graffiti, and reported large dumped items and other hazards.

The alley clean up project will continue every Wednesday through Friday from 8 am - noon through the summer. The project has been done every two summers as part of the Councilwoman's Shaping Up the Fifth initiative. The process began this year with an inspection and prioritization of need. Volunteers will clean approximately 45 blocks of alley that are in the Fifth District this year.

Alleys cleaned so far: 
  1. Between Palo Verde and Hackett from Keynote north to where it dead-ends south of Saint Maria Goretti School - about two and a half blocks long. 
  2. Between Palo Verde and Hackett from Pageantry to where it dead-ends just south of Wardlow. 
  3. Between Palo Verde and Conquista from Pageantry and Killdee.
My staff and I are working hard to track areas with greatest need for improvements and repair. Our biannual alley cleanups have also helped to keep our alley safe.  

I hope that funding will be made available for full alley repaving. Currently, the City of Long Beach has focused only on streets.  

Help Keep Our Fifth District Alleys Clean and Beautiful

Volunteers and residents are invited to join Councilwoman Schipske in this community event to promote healthier neighborhoods and involve residents in keeping their community beautiful. Volunteers will meet at targeted locations each week to help pull weeds, bag up debris, and make note of issues such as faded signs, graffiti, dumped items, and potholes. Ruth Bach and El Dorado Neighborhood Libraries will also get some help from volunteers later in the summer with some fresh paint, and clean up tasks.
The meeting place for the next alley to be tackled on Wednesday, August 7th is between Clark Ave and Greenbrier Rd. at Harco St. Volunteers are asked to meet 8 am. Residents are invited to bring their own tools to supplement the limited number of rakes, shovels, hoes, and gloves that will be available.   

Bi-annual Shaping Up the Fifth Alley Clean up Project 

Wednesday through Friday 
8 am - noon
Next Clean Up Session: Wednesday, August 7

on August 7th, meet at the alley 
off Harco between Clark Avenue and Greenbrier Rd.

Help remove weeds and debris, and inspect for potholes and report graffiti

The Councilwoman's ongoing effort to address infrastructure needs in the Fifth Council District, called "Shaping Up the Fifth," focuses on local alleys every two years. Council staff and neighborhood volunteers continuously inspect and inventory the district's streets and sidewalks,.

It's a great opportunity to get involved and make a difference!

To volunteer for the alley clean up project, 
and to confirm daily locations, 
please call the Office of Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske 
at 562-570-6932 or email
weekdays between 8 am - 5 pm

A staff member will be able to give you directions to that location. 
Please be sure to include your phone number in your message so you can be contacted directly in the event of rain or unforeseen location changes.

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