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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Long Beach Needs to Do Whatever It Takes to Keep Boeing

English: Commandant of cadets flies new C-17 G...
English: Commandant of cadets flies new C-17 Globemaster III home: Brig. Gen. Susan Y. Desjardins flies a newly accepted C-17A Globemaster III over the U.S. Air Force Academy cadet area Oct. 2 in Colorado Springs, Colorado General Desjardins accepted the aircraft into the United States Air Force's inventory at Boeing's facilities in Long Beach, California, and flew it from the Boeing facility to its new duty station with the 436th Airlift Wing at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Schipske Calls for City to Do Whatever It Takes to Convince Boeing to Build 777x Airline” in Long Beach
Long Beach, Ca – November 5, 2015 – Responding to a column appearing in Forbes magazine yesterday which discusses the possibility that Boeing officials are considering utilizing workers at the Long Beach plant for the wing work associated with its 777x , Fifth District Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske today called upon City Manager, Pat West, to “do whatever it takes to convince Boeing to stay in Long Beach.”
“Boeing currently accounts for 2.89% percent of the jobs in Long Beach,” says Schipske, whose council district includes Boeing. “We cannot afford to lose these jobs. Boeing’s announcement that it would close the C-17 facility in 2015 and that we would lose over 5,000 jobs was devastating news for Long Beach. Yesterday, the news that Boeing was considering bringing the wing work for the 777x to Long Beach means that the door is not closed and sends the signal that the City needs to do whatever it takes to convince Boeing that Long Beach is the right place for this work.”
According to the Forbes article, Boeing is looking at several sites, including Long Beach and that the work will provide 20 -25 years of employment wherever it is located.
Upon reading the Forbes column, Schipske submitted a council agenda item asking for a council resolution in support of efforts to encourage Boeing to remain in Long Beach and to direct the City Manager to determine what steps can be taken by the City to convince Boeing to bring the 777x wing work to Long Beach.
The Forbes article was written by Loren Thompson and is titled: Boeing Eyes Long Beach C-17 Plant For 777X Airliner Production:
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