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Friday, July 10, 2009

Residents Angry About Proposed Water Rate Increase...and Lack of Enforcement for Overwatering

The letter just started to hit my district. You know. The one that says because we have a shortage of water, the Water Commission is going to raise water rates.

Oh that one. Try explaining to anyone why if Long Beach has conserved more water than any other jurisdiction, it is now being rewarded by higher water rates.

Also, as I walk the district (and respond to many emails), people are mad as hornets over the Water Department's advertising campaign encouraging people to turn in those who waste water. In some instances this has turned into an instant neighbor feud. In others, residents complain to me that when they report offenders, the overwatering continues. (That's because there are no teeth in the water shortage/conservation effort. No fine. Just stern warnings.)

I am voting against any increase in Water rates and for real penalties for overwatering.

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