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Monday, July 6, 2009

Contact City Manager About Fire Station Cuts

Okay. So I have heard it now not less than 5 times that coming soon to your local city council meeting are proposals to "brown out" several fire stations -- two of which are in my council district.

If I were a worrying sort, I'd say the timing is suspicious right before the start of campaign season. But I am giving the powers that be the benefit that they are "putting everything on the table" and not targeting a specific district.

So help me tell the City Manager and the Mayor to take it off the table.

The 5th Council District has three fire stations: 5, 18 and 19. Click here to see them:

I understand the plan is to shut down one station in the morning and one in the evening.

Let me tell you why that is wrong and so very dangerous. The majority of calls for service in my district are for paramedics. If you even add 3 minutes to a response time because the station is closed and another has to respond, you are wasting precious minutes especially for those who are in cardiac arrest.

For three years I have called for establishing a paramedic subscription program that would bring in funds at the same time help our residents by waiving their co-pay. Many, many cities are doing this.

You can contact the city manager at: and the Mayor at Tell them it is a bad idea to cut fire services.

Save Station 18

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