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Friday, July 10, 2009

Walking and Talking

I am out in the 5th District again walking and talking to neighbors. The feedback is positive. Residents like my outreach and communications efforts. They also like this blog and the fact that I "fight for them" when I ask questions and probe further when proposals are brought to council.

Don't get me wrong. Residents still want their sidewalks fixed and their trees trimmed and speeding stopped on their residential streets. They also expect prompt responses from police and fire. They support our local libraries and the programs in our parks.

They do not want additional taxes or for the city to spend money on non-core services.

If I hear anything different, I'll let you all know.

P.S. It is hot out here on many of the streets where residents had the city trees removed. I've asked a couple of them if they a new tree and usually the answer is "no" because they don't want one more thing to take care of.

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