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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

News from City Hall

El Dorado Nature Center Stream Restoration:

Created in 1969, the El Dorado Nature Center is a 102-acre public environmental, education and recreation center. It contains two lakes, connected by a half-mile stream. During the 40 years that the Nature Center has been in existence, vegetation has grown to shade and clog the stream. Stream banks have eroded and silt and debris have accumulated on the stream bottom. The resulting wider and shallower stream does not provide healthy aquatic or riparian habitat and is eroding into the walking trail.

The City Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine has been working with stream restoration experts on a plan to transform the stream into a thriving ecosystem closely modeled on natural streams.

The Nature Center stream restoration is being funded by grants under the Safe Neighborhood Parks, Clean Water, and Coastal Protection Bond Acts of 2000 and 2002, and mitigation paid by Mc Donnell Douglas for violations under the Clean Water Act. Construction is expected to take approximately four to six months, during which time the walking trails adjacent to the stream will be closed.

Busiest Intersections in Long Beach:

The City Traffic Engineer, David Roseman, has listed the following information on the busiest streets in Long Beach:

  1. 7th Street
  2. Ocean Boulevard
  3. Lakewood Boulevard
  4. PCH
  5. Cherry Avenue
  6. Carson Street
  7. Anaheim Street
  8. Willow Street
  9. Del Amo Boulevard
  10. Spring Street

Top accident prone intersections:

  1. Traffic circle
  2. PCH and Cherry
  3. LB Boulevard and Wardlow
  4. 7th Street and Martin Luther King Avenue
  5. Pramount and South Street
  6. Los Coyotes Diag and Bellflower Blvd.
  7. PCH and LB Blvd
  8. 7th Street and Redondo Ave
  9. Alamitos Avenue and Anaheim St.
  10. Atlantic Ave and Artesia Blvd.

Number of Construction Permits in District 5:

The Development Services Department (aka Planning) reports that 175 construction permits were taken out in the 5th Council District this past August and 755 inspections were completed by Development Services of properties/businesses.

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