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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

1045 responses on pending changes to medical marijuana ordinance -- Mixed by District

Pay no attention to the man behind the smoke screen because he's out there telling the world that the on line survey I put out asking people's opinion on pending changes to the medical marijuana ordinance indicates a city wide overwhelming opposition to these changes.


Unless you think getting 29 responses from the 1st District; 96 from the 2nd; 205 from 3rd; 72 from the 4th; 514 from the 5th; 17 from the 6th; 38th from the 7th; 41 from the 8th; and 13 from the 9th are a "citywide" response. Hardly overwhelming. You can click on the results below: - 9th - 8th - 7th - 6th - 5th - 4th - 3rd - 2nd - 1st

Overall responses: 1045.  Until the last hour the survey was posted and over 100 signed on -- most anonymous responses-- the 5th District continued to support a buffer from parks, libraries and day care centers. Then it tightened up to about even.

The 5th District also didn't support moving the retail growers to industrial, nor placing the issue on the ballot.

I will post the overall results and the comments (oooo, the comments) that people posted on a later blog entry.

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