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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tickets -- Happen even to Councilmembers

So the story goes likes this: I had to travel out of state -- to Washington DC for a week of meetings -- and I asked someone to pick up my car and then park it in my driveway. Well, I didn't realize that I failed to move the other car in the driveway up enough so that when my car was parked it unfortunately hung over the driveway and the sidewalk.

I came home to a $46 ticket.

I often get emails asking me to waive a parking ticket to which I reply that Councilmembers cannot become involved in the disposition of tickets. Not even if it was the Councilmember who received the ticket.

PS It is illegal to park over a sidewalk because it blocks access to people using wheelchairs. However, in my case it is a moot point because my sidewalk is so damaged and raised because of a 60 foot sycamore tree in the parking strip that passage on the sidewalk is difficult even without a car hanging over the sidewalk. Guess I should complain to my City Councilmember...oh, wait...

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