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Friday, November 30, 2012

Sidewalks to be repaired in FY 2013

The 5th Council District has the most sidewalks of all the council districts because we have the most area due to the fact we are spread out with single family homes. Other districts are compact with apartments and condos.

Historically each council district was given the same amount of funds for sidewalk repairs even if they had the most need. I advocated for a change in that policy and now the 5th District receives the most for sidewalk repairs because we have the most needing repair.

Additionally, since taking office in 2006, I insisted that sidewalk repairs be bunched together by neighborhood instead of a shot gun approach of one here and several there. I am proud to announce that the Public Works department has adopted my system city wide. This will allow more sidewalks to be repaired each year.

Below is the latest report on the sidewalks to be repaired this budget year. Following the memo is a map showing where repairs have been made: FY 2013 Sidewalk Repairs Scheduled for district 5 Map of sidewalk repairs made in the 5th district

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