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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Skate Park, Museum funding, motion sickness

This has to be fast at 75 cents a minute shipboard somewhere near Alaska. Yeah it is rocking and rolling and for a girl who hates roller coasters...well I will survive.

Was distressed to read about someone switching the funding for the 14th Skatepark to make it part of stimulus package. Right as usual King Bill. I don't recall the council approving adding it to the stimulus package request. Especially when districts such as mine have neighborhoods where they still don't have a paved alley and where it floods when it rains.

I love the Museum of Art.

I will not support bailing it out however. City Management has had more than 2 years to come up with something other than the city paying the $3 million bond. I remember specifically asking during City Council for management to talk with the Smithsonian or another reputable museum organization to find out how we can save it and get it run efficiently.

Oh, I know some in city hall thought they would rescue the museum with blighting lower income neighborhoods with electronic billboards. What a concept! Put monsterous billboards up in redevelopment neighborhoods so we can fund a museum in a very high income neighborhood.

I do believe that the Museum should be funded with Tidelands funds as it art is funded in San Diego and Seattle by their Ports....

Well at 75 cents per minute on the shipboard computers, I think I will blog everyother day.

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