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Friday, June 19, 2009

On Lake Washington

Went out on a small boat last nite and went past Bill Gates' waterside home...great outlook...stunning vista...lots of windows...okay bad puns...but it was beautiful.

His former partner Paul Allen has bought up a number of old buildings in the downtown to save, including the Cinemax which is featuring Star Trek and the Long Beach City Council Chambers (you have to see the movie to appreciate that).

Still overcast -- guess it stays that way alot. A little drizzle.

On to Alaska today.

Seattle transit is beautiful. No ugly ads. They allow one sponsor for each bus and it has a small logo in the corner.

Saw a little graffiti in the downtown area and a handfull of what looks like remnants of the 1960's hippies. Lots of people with backpacks.

Save Station 18

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