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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Residents express concern about 2nd and PCH development

At my invitation, the developer of 2nd and PCH came and gave a presentation to the Lakes, Ponds and Wetlands Taskforce last night. I have seen the presentation before and because it is located in SEADIP I though it would be helpful if the group most concerned about the future of SEADIP also had an opportunity to view the presentation and ask questions.

It is a dramatic presentation and no doubt everyone agrees that the corner at 2nd and PCH need to be fixed. But it doesn't conform with the vision nor the requirements of SEADIP. The buildings are over 35 feet and the density is more than allowed.

When asked if the developer knew about SEADIP and the recent community engagement by the City about what to do in that area of Long Beach, the developer said "yes" but that he disagreed with that vision and that he had another vision "as do others in that area."

He has every right to his own vision but until this city grapples with the fact that it has a zoning and use plan for that area that conflicts with his vision we are headed for a bumpy road -- which by the way is also not allowed in SEADIP.

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