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Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm mad as hell...and so should you be

We just had a press conference called by Mayor Foster to showcase the budget he was presenting to the City Council.

First of all, councilmembers could not get a copy of the budget until 1/2 hour before the conference which is unreal.

Secondly, during the presentation is was announced that two fire stations would be on "light force company" -- which means a station would be closed part of the day. When the press asked which fire station the acting chief responded that Station 18 would be one of them. I gasped and said out loud: "Over my dead body."

Following the meeting I sent the email below to the Mayor, City Manager and my colleagues on the Council:

I thought it disrespectful for the budget not to be given to Councilmembers prior
to the press conference. Giving it 1/2 hour before doesn't count and I did not
appreciate to hear from budget staff they were ordered by the Mayor not to give
Council the documents until 1/2 hour before.

Additionally, it is unacceptable that a proposed cut in service at one of the fire stations in my district would be presented at the press conference WITHOUT having the courtesty to tell me prior to the conference. I specifically asked the City Manager in advance if my station was being targeted, and Pat, you told me and my Chief of Staff "no" -- which I transmitted to my residents.

Save Station 18

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