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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Budget Questions

I have read the entire city budget -- all 600 pages -- and I have a number of questions:
  • Why are some department heads still slated for salary increases?
  • Why is any management position slated for a salary increase?
  • What are the exact positions (with salary and benefits) that are being cut?
  • How many of those are currently not filled positions?
  • Are any of the lay-offs resulting in people being moved from General Fund departments to Special Enterprise departments?
  • How many people in management are being laid off?
  • How many people making over $100,000 annually are being cut?
  • What is the exact amount fore casted for revenue from the businesses listed in the budget as "revenue?" (i.e. TESLA, LB Studios, Vespa Motors, etc.)
  • How much sales tax did the City give away to Best Buy?
  • Why would the Mayor and City Manager propose cutting positions from parking ticket collections when it is a revenue producing department?
These are just for a start...there will be many more and I hope you will send me your questions as well.

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