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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What Happened About LB Museum?

Damn. The city didn't broadcast any report out of closed session. So what happened? Did the council vote to do something about the Museum of Art and the debt we're saddled with?

Met a policeman tonight on the cruise as we make our way out to sea towards Ketchican -- who is from Napa. They are having to forego their raises plus they pay 9% of their PERS. Everyone is hurting.

Spent today in Sitka. It is beautiful. Much better than Juneau. Visited a raptor recovery place. No it isn't for birds that drink. It is for eagles who get injured. Quite impressive as was the Tongass National Forest they walked us through.

Got to keep this brief because internet is on satellite and expensive. Two more days of rest at sea.

P.S. I opposing the allowing of alcohol in our parks. I thought the pilot was for a set area in El Dorado Regional that could be controlled. Now I read it is for several parks and several parts of the El Dorado Park. We don't have enough Rangers. This isn't a good idea right now.

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