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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Port Appointment

Am writing off the coast of Canada. Read about "deep throat" report on former State Senator Betty Karnette wanting to be appointed to Harbor Commission. That's not much of a secret, readers. I received a letter from Democractic activist Doug Frankenfield urging my support of Betty to replace Jim Hankla.

But I had already met with former fire chief, Harold Omel, who is a 5th District constituent and who asked me for my support -- which I gave. Because of Harold's long-time experience in public safety I thought that would be a great addition to the current Board. Also it would be great to get another 5th District resident on the Board.

Interesting while being on this cruise I did get to see several large ports. And folks, we need to do a better job in Long Beach welcoming visitors to our port area and providing sometype of historical information for visitors to learn about Long Beach while they are there. We need to incorporate more public useage of the port area and not just around the Queen Mary.

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