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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Back Home

It was great to land at Long Beach Airport from Seattle. I had a wonderful time and spent the afternoon touring Bainbridge Island off Seattle. Beautiful place. Then took the public bus (saving $50) from the Pier to the SEA-TAC Airport. I only was able to do so because we had shipped our luggage from the ship directly to Alaska Airlines (missed flying on Jet Blue) and didn't have to lug them around the bus or airport.

Didn't feel too on vacation when I read the Seattle Times and its editorial was going after a local councilwoman.

Final note on the day. It is a sad commentary when every television program in the airport was focused on who knew Michael Jackson and the various theories on how he died. Folks we have so many serious issues facing us right now -- the wars, health care reform, the economy, etc. News coverage on all of this vanished and celebrity fodder took over.

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