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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Alcohol in the Parks

I need to be fair to Phil Hester, our Director of Parks, Recreation and Marine Department who has talked with me for several months about possibly having an OctoberFest in El Dorado Park. This would mean the sale of alcohol. I understood it would be in a very specific contained area with appropriate security.

I supported the concept again provided it was in a contained, secure area with sufficient security, with revenues returing directly to the Parks Dept instead of the general fund. Also, I requested that the community be briefed on the concept before it was brought forth for a vote.

Several thousands of miles away I understand the concept has been expanded to several parks on a year round basis and the proposal was brought directly to the Parks, Recreation and Marine Commission before it was brought to the community -- particularly the community that was so involved in stopping the Sports Complex in El Dorado Park which also had an alcohol sales component.

We need a community meeting to discuss the proposal before City Council takes a vote. Unless that happens I am opposed.

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